Penile Prosthesis

What is Penile Prosthesis?

When you are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and could have progress with neither intracavernous injections nor the phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5Is), you need to consider an Penile Prosthesis as the solution. An internal penile implant is actually a medical device that is inserted into penis’ erection chambers through a surgical procedure. It is usually called penile prosthesis and conducted as a permanent solution for ED issues.

What are Penile Prosthetis types?

Before deciding the procedure, you need to know that Penile Implant comes in two types: semi-rigid implants and inflatable implants. The semi-rigid implants utilize a pair of bendable rod while the inflatable implants are filled with the liquid which is operated by manually squeezing the pump installed into the scrotum. Both of those Penile Prosthesis types require surgical procedures. Inflatable implants will be suitable for you, if you wish to perform a natural sexual activity as a result of your treatment. However, when your specific ED problem is complicated due to various confounding factors, the semi-rigid implant might be the right solution for you. Consult your urologist first to decide, which implant suits best to your case. As you decide to go on the procedure, you will need to prepare yourself for anesthesia taking precautions such as not eating and drinking nor smoking at least for six hours preceding the surgery.

Penile Prosthetis Surgical Procedure

After anesthesia fully settles to render you unconscious and to avoid pain, the surgeon will make erectile chambers exposed through small incisions made through the skin in the upper penis and the spot between it and the scrotum. As the small skin incisions are completed, the surgeon will place the penile implant cylinders into the penis, the pump through the second incision (between testicles and scrotum) so you can access it right away by hand, and the reservoir to the lower abdomen. The whole penile implant procedure will take several hours to finish as all the implant components are perfectly placed, connected, and tested to be fully functional before you emerge from anesthesia and wean from assisted breathing.

Life After Penile Prosthesis

The penile implant surgery will leave wound bandaged and require some time to recover. The penile prosthesis will be usually left inflated for one day while several surgeons leave it drained before removing it a day after the surgery. The doctor will remove the compressive bandage and deflate the implant, now the whole procedure of penile implant is completed. If the things go well, you can go home one day after the procedure. However, you need to beware of potential post-procedure issues like swelling penis and scrotum followed by pain or soreness. Analgesics and cold packs should treat those issues well, which may usually occur post-surgery, and should not make you feel concerned as long as you consult with and follow the instructions of your doctor.

A full recovery will require 4-6 weeks. For that moment, you are not allowed to have heavy exercises, lift heavy stuff, go to the sauna, ride a bike, nor participate in any sexual activity. You need to be disciplined on taking prescribed medications timely, and control your schedules. You need to notify your urologist about any unexpected adverse issue that retains, emerges or gets worsened. You can start having sexual activity after total recovery as soon as instructed by your doctor.

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The information on this page was taken from the european urology association site.